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In addition to monthly online editions, Christian Faith and Reason is available in monthly print editions.

This 32 page publication is printed on high quality newsprint, and is ideal for use in small group discussions, in high school classes, in college classes, or in seminaries.

Distribution by Mail

Christian Faith and Reason is also available for delivery by mail.

The cost of a 12 month subscription is $21.95

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Free Distribution Retail Locations

The print version is available on a free distribution basis at selected retailers, churches, and schools in specific markets.

We distribute exclusively through Distribution Partners. Individuals, churches, and retailers can become a Distribution Partner. As a Distribution Partner, we ship you a minimum of 25 copies of each month's edition of Christian Faith and Reason. To become a Distribution Partner today, please click here.

To find Distribution Locations in your area, click below:

Nashville -- The Borders Bookstore in Brentwood
Los Angeles --
Seattle --
Dallas --
Nationwide -- Cokesbury Bookstores

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