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Rumored Settlement in the Young Earth Creationist Lawsuit

Ken Ham, CEO of Answers in Genesis

The Lippard Blog is reporting that a verbal settlement has been reached between the American based Answers in Genesis organization (owners of the Creation Museum), and the Australia based Creation Ministries International. Readers of the August edition of Christian Faith and Reason saw the dispute between the two parties covered in great detail.

Creation Ministries International filed a lawsuit against Answers in Genesis in Australia in May, 2007, alleging fraud and deceptive business practices as it related to the treatment of the American subscribers of CMI's Creation Magazine.

The Lippard Blog reports that the two parties met in Hawaii August 15 to August 18, and the verbal settlement was reached with the help of an arbitrator. A formal written agreement is expected by October 18.

Christian Faith and Reason will report the final agreement if and when it happens.

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