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Atheist Diversionary Tactics
by RC Metcalf, Author of Letter to a Christian Nation: Counterpoint

RC Metcalf, Ph.D.

The new atheists are a tumescent bunch, unquestionably articulate, yet consummately misguided. Their incendiary rhetoric can't help but stir the emotions of the majority of America's religious. Yet why do they ultimately choose to target Christianity above all other religious systems, when Islam presents a clear and present danger?

They routinely build a straw man version of Christianity based not upon the Ten Commandments and the morality of the Christ, but rather upon Old Testament Levitical laws that have long since been abrogated. They cannot be so naive as to believe that Christians condone the murder of back talking children, yet that is exactly the sort of rhetoric they routinely tout.

In the latest books by avowed atheists, such as Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion, Christopher Hitchens' God is Not Great and Sam Harris' Letter to a Christian Nation, the crux of the problem lies undisturbed. It never seems to surface amongst the pestiferous rhetoric of the atheist leaders.

They call for a secular America that mimics the "least religious societies on earth," such as Norway, Denmark, Belgium and most Western Europe, believing that the "end of religion" is an achievable goal. Yet, Western Europe has undergone an unprecedented decline in population that threatens its very existence. Conversely, the Middle East and Africa saw the greatest population growth during the 1990s, in nations that are predominantly Islamic. Osama Bin Laden was one of 53 children and has sired at least 27 of his own, due to Islam's "progressive" view of polygamy.

The new atheists applaud Western European openness toward matters of gender equality and abortion, yet both of these departures from traditional religious mores have contributed to the dwindling population problem. Sam Harris, in his Letter to a Christian Nation, submits that "seventy percent of the inmates of France's jails are Muslim." He obtusely observes that Western European Muslims are generally not atheists, implying that atheists are not part of the "problem."

However, by not recognizing the real problem, and by diverting attention toward Christianity rather than Islam, neither are they part of the solution. France's tolerance has permitted their Muslim population to exceed 10%. Their hospitality has already been reciprocated with Islamic car bombings and gang riots. In America, the Muslim population is generally estimated at less than 2% of the population.

The increase in Europe's Muslim population, along with population decline among European nationals, is changing the demographic climate in the cradle of continental philosophy. Rather than a progressive transformation toward analytic scientism and a consummately secular society, Europe is slowly and methodically regressing by embracing the ancient Mesopotamian culture that has emigrated from the cradle of civilization.

The new atheists aren't the only ones with an agenda. While Sam Harris wants to see "the end of faith," Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad wants to see the end of Israel and the United States. Saudi Arabian oil money is pouring into our nation's colleges and universities, mosques and Islamic day schools, at an alarming rate. Saudi monies don't fund new science labs, libraries or gymnasiums, but rather Middle Eastern Studies programs, many of which have become bastions of radical jihadist thought. There is one thing virtually all Muslims agree upon, the need for Shari'a Law and the emergence of an Islamic caliphate that will rule the entire Middle East and, if possible, the entire globe.

President Bush entered Iraq with the goal of liberating the Iraqis from the tyranny of Saddam Hussein, much like President Roosevelt entered Europe to liberate that part of the world from the maniacal control of Adolf Hitler. Our presence in Iraq has two very reasonable purposes: to aid the Iraqis in stabilizing their nation and to keep an eye on their next door neighbor, who unabashedly considers us the "Great Satan." The new atheists are diverting our attention from America's real problem by blurring the distinct boundaries between theistic religions.

Copyright 2007, Think Again with RC Metcalf. Reprint permission granted for web publication. Please contact author at rcmetcalf@thinkagain.us for print publication permission.

RC Metcalf, Ph.D., is the author of Letter to a Christian Nation: Counterpoint.

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Note from the Editor: R C Metcalf's article has generated a tremendous interest from our readership. In the six hour period from the time we launched the online version of the August edition of Christian Faith and Reason on Sunday August 5 at 7 pm CST to 1 am CST, this article was viewed by 14,000 unique visitors. For us, that's a lot.

During this time, we received directly over 130 comments submitted from the form below, and one of the social networks where we promoted the article, totalfark.com, received over 500 comments.

The majority of the comments have been critical of Dr. Metcalf's point of view. A minority were in agreement.

We seemed to have reached a large number of the very militant atheists Dr. Metcalf addresses in his article. However, many of the negative comments fit in the category that we could politely call "not helpful."

We are genuinely interested in promoting a dialogue among what we call "skeptical seekers", and will be contacting shortly the most coherent and persuasive criticisms presented for the purpose of a dialogue. Whether that dialogue will take place in an invitation to write an article for our September edition, or an ongoing dialogue on these pages, or possibly both, is something we will announce on this page shortly.

To all those who made a serious effort to respond, we say THANK YOU !

UPDATE We're up to 20,000 unique visitors who've read this article in the fourteen hours it's been on the web. We've received a total of 85 comments from the form below, and have read each one of your comments. We have an extended an invitation to 3 of these 85 to write articles for our September edition. When they accept our invitation, we'll post the comments they made that we felt "moved the intellectual ball forward."

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Matthew Husar who submitted one of the 110 comments to us on RC Metcalf's article has accepted our invitation to write an article for our September 2007 online and print version of Christian Faith and Reason Magazine.

We have asked Mr. Husar to write on the following two topics:

1. Is RC Metcalf correct when he asserts that virtually all Muslims seek to install Shari'a Law in the countries in which they reside ?

2. A description of his own journey to acceptance of Islam.

Mr. Husar's comment that intrigued us so appears below:

Mathew Husar's comment on RC Metcalf's article:

As a recent convert to Islam, I find RC Metcalf's essay troubling. He speaks in general terms of Islam: "Virtually all Muslims support..." is a prelude to a straw-man argument-- the very thing he speaks out against in his piece!

My personal expression of faith neither makes me a terrorist nor a 7th century throwback. Until people of faith can address each other with some level of dignity and decorum, I doubt that a solution to the ongoing violence of the Iraq Occupation will be found. Mr. Metcalf must remember that Iraq is a Muslim nation, and that any solutions must accomodate the beliefs of the people of Iraq-- namely, Islam. Similarly, any democractic republic which includes Muslims must include them as citizens if it is to representative. This involves a certain level of cultural exchange and understanding, which enable all people to contribute to civil society. This level of understanding is important whether one is Christian, Muslim, or Atheist-- we face many crises as a species, and these divisions do not serve us well in the search for answers. Mr. Metcalf's 'Us vs. Them' polemic rings hollow on this and another level. He stands zero chance of communicating with the people he so viciously attacks. So what's the point? He's doing nothing but preaching to the choir.

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