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The following are the terms of the Distribution Agreement between Christian Faith and Reason Magazine ("the Publisher") and the Distribution Partner who completes the form below.

The Publisher agrees to ship the quantity of copies (minium of 25 and maximum of 100) of Christian Faith and Reason Magazine specified in the form below by the Distributio Partner to the Distribution Partner each month for twelve months, beginning with the edition of the month this agreement is made. Publisher will be responsible for shipping expenses.

The Distribution Partner agrees to place current copies of Christian Faith and Reason Magazine at Distribution Locations which the Distribution Partner has secured. Upon placement, the Distribution Partner agrees to submit the internet based form located at http://www.christianfaithandreason.com/distributionreports.html after each month’s edition has been received. This report will simply confirm the number of copies placed at the Distribution Location.

Distribution Locations may be churches, classes, small groups, retail locations, libraries, or other appropriate locations selected by the Distribution Partner as appropriate locations where people interested in reading the content of Christian Faith and Reason Magazine gather.

Accepted by Distribution Partner








Quantity (from 25 to 100):

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