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Christian Faith and Reason is a publication of Main Street New Media, Inc., which is jointly owned by the owners of Main Street Partners LLC and Guerrilla Enterprise. Main Street Partners LLC is based in Lebanon,Tennessee, and owns and operates The Wilson Post, the Williamson Herald, and several other weekly newspapers.

Main Street New Media, Inc. is organized to publish online magazines, and provide news aggregation and online marketing services to online magazines, local weekly news publications, local daily publications, and print magazines.

Management Team

Chairman: Sam Hatcher
Publisher and Chief Financial Officer: John Bryan
President: Michael Patrick Leahy
Sales and Advertising: Michael Patrick Leahy

Editors and Writers for Christian Faith and Reason Magazine

Managing Editor: Michael Patrick Leahy
Senior Science Writer: Thomas Robey
Contributing Editor: Michael Wright
Contributing Editor: R.C. Metcalf
In addition, we have numerous regular contributing writers

Statement of Beliefs

As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God, and that his life and words provide the model of conduct for our behavior here on earth. We believe the Bible was divinely inspired, but that it must be interpreted using the faculties of human reason which God bestowed upon us.

We believe that faith in Jesus Christ is a choice made by believers, and that this choice is completely consistent with rational thought.

We believe that Christians have a right to assert their faith in every element of the public arena.

We believe that all men and women are sinners who must constantly strive to sincerely understand God's will, and once understood, are obliged to fulfill that will.

Statement of Purpose

Our purpose is to provide in depth analysis on the most critical matters of faith in a manner that is both intellectually honest and consistent with our Christian faith.

We seek to provide a marketplace of ideas from all sources, especially those which challenge our viewpoint. Our thoughtful responses to those challenges will lead the sincere skeptic to consider the possibility of choosing to believe in God and the message of Jesus Christ.

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